In addition to the machined parts developed, we also offer organizations assembly, sub-assembly, and complete product build services, if asked.  You may go ahead and enjoy our end to end machining services- from prototyping, part-development, assembling, and on-time delivery. It could help you bask in greater savings in both time and costs, without compromising on quality. 

                     Our Assembly/Sub-assembly Expertise Spectrum:

  •  Kitting:  As a part of this service, we help supply companies with reusable and bespoke kits of the machined components on an agreed scheduling basis.
  •  Assembly:  We also provide our clients with a complete part assembly service when asked for. 
  •  Stock Holding:  We may also hold your finished machined parts for an agreed period at our premises if required.
  •  Line Side Delivery:  We have an apt and active logistics team that can arrange for machined components or parts to be delivered directly to the line side if a client needs it. 
    Continuous Process Improvement

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    Why MDA?

    Apart from full-stack machinery and dedicated build area, we are proud to have a team of experienced developers & assembly-experts that help you provide bespoke and unparalleled assembly services in real time. 

    How are we different?

    • ISO 9001:2008 certified system
    • 50+ Years Experience
    • Precise & Cost-effective services
    • Visibility & Accountability
    • Robust Production Facilities

    With our cross-industry expertise and multi-disciplined staff we create what you conceive.

    Materials that we commonly used



    Industrial Plastics


    Stainless Steel

    Exotic Alloys