Machining Design Associated Ltd. is there to assist your at each and every stage of the manufacturing process. Planning is an indelible and one of the most crucial step in machine designing. At this stage,Our our knowledgeable staff determines the best possible machining method and selects the best raw materials to assure long-term durability while minimizing your costs.


  • A 55 Year History in Custom Product Design
  • Communicate Directly with Design Engineers
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified (SGS)
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Simplify Assembly, Purchasing and Scheduling
  • Reduce Scrap Rate
Continuous Process Improvement

Let Our Expertise Turn Your Vision Into Even Better Looking Reality

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Frequently, we machine several components that are used on the same finished product. As a result, we have developed skills in building assemblies, testing, and packaging the final assembly, so it’s ready for shipment to the end customer. We can also build sub-assemblies and ship these parts to our customer for assembly with other components. We have also built “kits” for our customers who prefer to do the assembly themselves. This proves to be an excellent option when we are machining a large percentage of the parts used on the final assembly, and is a very useful option for our customers.

With our cross-industry expertise and multi-disciplined staff we create what you conceive.

Materials that we commonly used



Industrial Plastics


Stainless Steel

Exotic Alloys