The fully-functional finishing department at Machining Design Associated Ltd. has the experience and the facilities to meet all your finishing requirements. In our 50+ years of existence, we have handled a plethora of product finishes and treatment types with utmost perfection.

Our Product Finishing/Coating Expertise Spectrum

Shot Blasting

We offer top-notch shot blasting services for both smaller parts and larger components & assemblies. Shot blasting is an effective way to free metal parts of any rust, scale or old coatings and getting them ready for a fresh coating. 

Nylon Powder Coating

We also offer quality nylon powder coating services for all metal types. This coating is perfect for metals as it reduces thermal conductivity, lowers friction, increases Metal strength, and makes the part highly durable. 

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Why MDA?

We are your trusted partners in your quest of finishing and coating perfection. Whether your machined part needs a basic care or a specialised finish, our team of in-house finishing experts and external aids is versatile enough to handle every client specification.

How are we different?

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified system
  • 50+ Years Experience
  • Precise & Cost-effective services
  • Visibility & Accountability
  • Robust Finishing/coating Infrastructure
  • A+ Communication Skills
  • Time-zone Flexibility
  • Avg. 25+ Years’ Finishing Specialists

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Materials that we commonly used



Industrial Plastics


Stainless Steel

Exotic Alloys