Machining Design Associated offers several ways to price your parts:

  • We can quote your part from CAD files – a PDF drawing – or from a sample or a conceptual idea.
  • Check the Sample products to get a quick general idea of designed products.
  • We can offer various quantity price breaks
  • See the pricing section of the FAQ.
  • Generally, our quotes are good for 30 days depending on material pricing

Cost of custom machined parts

Why is a specially machined part more expensive than a standard bolt that I would find in a hardware store?  Setup costs (preperation) is one of the factors that add to costs when producing just a few pieces.  Parts in hardware stores and standard metal parts, such as a bolt, are usually produced by the hundreds of thousands or into the millions.  Special equipment specifically made for these parts or high yield equipment such as cold heading machines are used to produce these items.  Our machining process removes metal to create a part. In some high volume situations the material is actually compressed to form the item.

Do I pay for setup on reorders?

The majority of jobs that Machining Design produces, do not have additional set-up costs.  With todays CNC’s, the programming is much quicker than previous NC equipment.  The so called set-up costs are primarily loading the machine with tools, making sure the machine is clean, the down-time in the transition from job to job, plus administrative costs.  The time taken to run one part might be only a few minutes, but this could be after an hour or more of preparation.  Special tooling costs that might be charged to a particular job on the first run are non-recurring.

We will accommodate blanket orders with multiple shipping dates and are capable of shipping products quickly for Just-in-Time (JIT) orders.

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Online Instant Quotation of Machined Parts


On-Time Delivery

We monitor our delivery performance and make adjustments to our internal systems to assure that your parts are delivered in a timely manner.


Large Customer Base

We deal with hundreds of customers throughout North America.  Some of our customers are multi-national companies  traded on major stock exchanges and others could be a one person operation.  All of our customers are valued and are equally respected.



With over 50 years in  business, we are a recognized leader in manufacturing specially machined precision parts specially made to meet your requirements.


Quick Quotations

We will immediately look at your requests.  Unfortunately some jobs may take longer to quote.  Quote times can vary due to the complexity of the part, special material requirements or a queue of earlier quotations.


Design Assistance

We often help customers with their designs and offer no cost drawings whenever possible. We use SolidWorks for part design creation.


Competitive Pricing

We try to find ways to save you money.  Whether it would be by running larger quantities or suggesting a material alternative, Machining Design will always be in your corner.  We strive to give you competitive pricing while at the same time delivering a quality product.