Most industries such as aerospace, medical, and manufacturing opt for CNC machining because it is seamless, fast and allows them to produce machined parts quickly. All industries need one thing large quantities of machined parts that are precise too. 

To produce quality CNC machined parts, one needs to consider the factors and their impact on the manufacturing process. 

We will discuss the seven factors you need to consider when producing CNC machined parts


Let’s check out the factors one by one: 

#1. Review your machining project

First, you need to understand the project you want to start. You can consider these questions: 

  • What are the sizes and complexities of the machined parts?
  • What are the materials to get machined?
  • What levels of precision do you need to make these parts? 
  • What are the cutting tools that you need?
  • Do you require fixtures to clamp your machined parts?

By considering these questions, you’ll be able to select the most efficient and cost-effective methods to achieve quality CNC machining parts. 

#2. Consider the Ideal Machine Type

The next thing to consider is: do you have the right equipment in your workshop to do this job? If not, you will need to consider the best fit for your project while evaluating a wide range of CNC machine types. High-quality CNC machines can achieve extremely high accuracy and high tolerances. You need to consider the delivery time of the brand and type of CNC machine so that you do not buy second or third choices. 

#3. Ensure to Use Ideal Materials

The type of materials to be machined will influence the levels of performance and cycle times. Some factors such as durability, the load to bearing, and machine structure will affect the precision that can get achieved. Material properties and tooling behaviour will also influence machine tool factors. So, choosing the material according to your project is the ideal way. 

#4. Using the Right Cutting Tools & Tool Holders

Use the right cutting tools and the recommended cutting settings to achieve the desired quality surface and accuracy. You can fine-tune the cutting parameters to achieve the desired output and the production cost. You need to avoid using blunt tools, tools that are not suitable for machined materials. Continuing with these tools will result in rough edges on the finished product. 

#5. ISO Certification of the Machine Shop

ISO certification plays an ideal role in the machining industry. Both the machinist and the customer know the importance of the ISO certification. The ISO 9001 certification goes a long way to show how a company operates and handles its manufacturing projects. 

Going with an ISO-certified Company Means:

  • They are certified to manufacture precision machined parts. 
  • Lower risk.
  • Better customer service. 
  • Traceability for materials and processes.

#6. Manage your Manufacturing Environment

You need to beware of the influence of the external sources of debris and pollution that can create adverse effects during machining and result in costly damages to your machines. Some of the examples of this include: 

  • Dust from the grinding or worse.
  • Shock waves get created by stamping machines. 
  • Welding operations in CNC machines.
  • Electrical fluctuations due to unstable power networks. 

#7. Implement Quality Control Measures

Quality systems are an integral part of manufacturing. You can implement effective quality control systems throughout the entire process. Your stringent work procedures must ensure compliance with material inspections, process checks, and final product specifications. These will avoid non-compliance products and match the high quality required by your customer. 


MDA: The Ideal CNC Machine Shop For Machined Parts

Producing quality parts often depends on the complex combination of CNC machines, tools and processes. By managing these different parameters, you can deliver quality machined parts with the ideal levels of accuracy. 

We at MDA make it easier to produce quality CNC machining parts in less time with utmost precision. Our experts know the importance of precision machined parts, and have the experience to meet the complex demands for CNC machined parts. Contact us today for your batch of CNC machined parts.