Aluminum CNC machined parts are in popular demand and a lot of industries are dependent on the usage of aluminum material. It’s supported by the fact that aluminum market size is expected to see growth from 2020-2025. And the market segment by type covers turning machining aluminum, milling machining aluminum and others.

The reason why aluminum is in demand for CNC machined parts is that aluminum machined components are machined in less time than any other metal.

Our machinists at MDA focus on manufacturing custom aluminum machining parts with complex structures and are committed to delivering highly accurate and consistent components for our clients.

The post discusses the popularity of aluminum CNC machined parts, the applications and more.

How aluminum CNC machined parts are better than steel?

Aluminum as a material is versatile, durable and ductile. Aluminum weighs less than other metals when compared to other materials. Aluminum automotive structures are more cost-effective than steel automotive structures. Aluminum is naturally non-corrosive and reflects heat, light and is malleable.

Aluminum works well during the production of CNC machined parts, every machinist is using aluminum because they are economical and lightweight. The aluminum can be machined in a shorter time compared to other materials.

Reasons aluminum CNC machined parts are in demand

Aluminum as a material is well-suited to CNC machining. And it results in a complete, durable finish. Here are some reasons of CNC aluminum machined parts are in demand:

Aluminum material is easier to work with

When it’s about CNC machining, aluminum has a lot of properties that make it easier to manufacture. The best part is that aluminum is softer than other materials present for CNC machining. The softness means the material chips off quickly and the drilling process with no problem.

Aluminum as the material is bendable, you can cut it and also fold it depending on the requirements of the client. Our machinists at MDA can turn the material into any shape they like with incredible precision and with tolerances within .025mm.


Better electrical conductivity

Aluminum parts work well for electrical components because of the electrical conductivity it offers. It exhibits greater electrical conductivity than other machined metals. This quality makes machined aluminum parts more conductive and suitable to get used in industrial applications. Here are some materials with conductivity at room temperature:

Material Conductivity (S/m) at room temperature
Carbon Steel 7 million
Aluminum 37.7 million
Zinc 16.9 million
Iron 10 million
Carbon Steel 7 million


Custom finishing

Aluminum can be customized to meet the needs of the client. This is the reason why aluminum parts are popular for CNC machining. We at MDA know the importance of client requirements and produce a durable product. We can plate the colours according to the requirements. The colours you can try out are black, blue and green.


Strength to weight ratio

Aluminum has amazing physical properties making it fit for aspect and mechanical parts. Aluminum has better strength and is lightweight. These two properties make the aluminum material the right choice for parts that are needed in the aerospace and automotive industries. Some of the examples are aircraft fittings and automotive shafts.

Different aluminum grades serve different purposes as they have a favourable strength-to-weight ratio. General-use grades like 6061 are used for a variety of parts and 7075 grades are used in aerospace and marine applications.



Aluminum CNC machined parts are used in a lot of industries and they are exposed to corrosive elements. The benefit of using aluminum CNC machined parts is they offer good corrosion resistance. The capabilities of corrosion resistance are different for each grade. The ideal grade for corrosion resistance is 6061, offering excellent corrosion resistance and high weldability.


Aluminum CNC machined parts are recyclable

Aluminum parts are recyclable and the property has contributed to an increase in the use of industrial applications. Therefore, aluminum CNC machined parts are a better choice for businesses trying to reduce the carbon footprint. CNC machining is a subtractive process that leads to the creation of a lot of waste material because of chipping. This material waste is recycled to create a better product.

Applications of CNC aluminum machined parts


Construction Industry

Buildings are synonymous with the construction industry. And buildings stay corrosion-free due to the use of aluminum. It is helpful in the design and development of projects that are well suited to modern needs.

In the construction, industry aluminum is found in many forms, in the form of sections, in the form of rolled-formed products and solid forms. The aluminum surface is beautiful and needs no cleanliness. Aluminum is used in exhibition halls, disaster relief rooms, temporary courtyards and more.


Electrical Industry

Aluminum gets manufactured in thin wires and is often used in products like telephone wires and light bulbs. Aluminum’s low density makes it an ideal option for long-distance power lines. Aluminum is more ductile enabling it to form more wires easily. In addition to power lines and cables, aluminum is used in appliances, motors and power systems.


Transport Industry

Aluminum provides a combination of strength and lightness making it an ideal choice for the transportation industry. The primary use of aluminum is in automobiles, railways, marines, and airplanes. Using aluminum components can have advantages, as it is easier to form and improves efficiency. The low weight of aluminum means low fuel consumption and emissions.


Aerospace Industry

Aluminum is amazing for aircraft components which makes it too good for the aviation industry. These are high resistance to corrosion, excellent ductility, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. It takes off any pressure that is involved in high-altitude flying. The most popular grades of aluminum that are used in the aerospace industry are:

  • Aluminum 7075
  • Aluminum 6061


Consumer Good Industry

The consumer goods industry is the one that is relying on the consumption of aluminum CNC machined parts. You might be reading this article on a device, a smartphone or your laptop. Every new model of electronics is coming with an aluminum body and components. Aluminum is stronger than plastic which allows the material to absorb and dissipate the heat.

Summing Up

Material is the ideal thing to consider before CNC machining. The products require a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity. So, aluminum is a perfect option. There are various industries that require precision machined parts and what’s better than aluminum machined parts.

MDA = expertise in CNC aluminum machining

We have the ability to integrate external combined processes that ensure the best performance for aluminum machining projects.

You can contact us for more details about our aluminum CNC machining services for your industry. Alternatively, you can request a quote for CNC machining.


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