Swiss turning is a process used for machining high-precision, turned small parts with small diameters. Previously the Swiss machines were managed by an operator resulting in more monitoring of the machine & machined parts. Nowadays, most of Swiss screw machines get done with the help of CNC machining. The Swiss Screw machines help to produce precision machined parts used in popular industries. The types of Swiss screw machines get classified into two styles, Turret Style and Swiss Style. The Swiss screw machines have become popular and used in various industries like aerospace, medical, communications, and commercial industries.

At MDA, we specialize in the production of Swiss screw machining parts that fit your requirements. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we ensure quality machined parts. We provide an overview of the benefits and applications of Swiss screw machining below.

Benefits Of The Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss screw machines can make smaller parts which are not possible with standard machines. Compared to other machining and manufacturing procedure, Swiss screw machining provides several benefits:

Production Of Parts At A Fast Pace & Are Ready To Ship

The Swiss screw machine has a shorter cycle time than other CNC machines. A CNC machine takes approximately 1 hour or more to machine a single part & a swiss screw machine produces 30 components in the same time frame. It can be more or less depending on the size or complexity of the part.

The Swiss screw machines are capable of producing precise parts & remove the need for any secondary operation. The machined parts can be shipped directly right after production. The possibility of quality checks reduces when the machined parts get manufactured via Swiss screw machines.

Better For Tight Tolerances & Complex Parts

Swiss screw machines support the workpiece located near the point of operation during the machining process. The workpiece is present close to the tooling operation, and it does not affect the tool force. It leads to having precision even in tight tolerances while machining small parts.

Swiss screw machines produce complex parts because the bar stock gets supported through the whole process. The CNC-machined parts that require distinctive features, deeper cuts, and parts with thin walls are possible with the Swiss screw machines.

Less Deflection

During the machining of CNC parts, Swiss screw machines are useful. A lower level of deflection is another reason to add to it. It is possible because the distance b/w workpiece support and cutting are the slightest. It results in less bending and the possibility of deflection on the cutting surface. When the machined parts have less deflection, it allows the machinist to attain tighter tolerances for machined parts.

Swiss Screw Machines Offer Design Flexibility

Swiss screw machining gets used by plenty of workers. The Swiss screw machines create parts that are expensive and impossible to produce via a conventional machining process. There are requirements for every industry, aerospace being one. It requires the parts to be precise enough to use in Aeroplanes. Therefore, Swiss screw machining is ideal for producing small machined parts.

High Production Efficiency

CNC Swiss Screw Machining uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology to automate tasks, streamlining production and reducing cycle times. This results in faster component manufacturing compared to manual methods, leading to increased production efficiency. CNC machines in Swiss Screw Machining can handle multiple cutting tools and tasks simultaneously, optimizing time and resources. Simultaneous operations reduce idle time and improve productivity, allowing for faster completion of machining tasks.

Time-Saving and Fast Turnaround

CNC Swiss Screw Machining utilizes computer-controlled automation and precise tool paths, resulting in efficient and accurate machining operations. This significantly reduces the time required to manufacture each part, making it ideal for high-volume production needs. With continuous and uninterrupted operation, CNC machines can meet tight deadlines and fulfill customer demands promptly. This ability enhances customer satisfaction and builds a positive reputation for the business.

The time-saving benefits of CNC Swiss Screw Machining enhance a company’s competitiveness in the market. Quick turnaround times and efficient production allow businesses to respond swiftly to market demands and emerging trends, strengthening their position in the industry.

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Applications Of Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Swiss screw machining creates precision machined parts used in various industries given below:

Aerospace: The aerospace industry demands precision parts, and they can’t compromise the quality. Swiss screw machining ideally meets all these demands without any problem. The aerospace parts produced by Swiss screw machining are shafts, screws, and more.

Medical: Medical is another industry that relies on precise parts. Swiss screw machining is required to produce parts in medical and dental equipment.

Commercial: Swiss screw machining is used to create watch components. We all know how precise these watch components need to be. Swiss screw machining is required to produce parts used in the commercial industry.

Military: Swiss screw machining is ideal for creating precise parts used in military vehicles and systems. The military requires high-quality and small parts to get used in security systems, and accuracy is paramount. Therefore, the Swiss screw is the right choice.

Electronics: The electronics industry requires micro components needed in communication, defence, and electronic equipment technology. So, these precise CNC machined parts are necessary for the electronic industry.

Why Should You Choose Our Swiss Screw Machining Services?

At Machine Design Association Limited, we produce precise CNC Swiss screw machining services according to our client’s demand. Our Swiss screw machining tool is capable of producing machined parts in quantities from 500 to 50,000 units. To know much better about our Swiss screw machining work and get a better idea of our work, you can visit our gallery section.

We are confident about our precision machined parts capabilities, and we can produce the ideal custom screw machined parts for any application. We can provide you with a range of solutions for Swiss & screw requirements. If you need manufactured parts that are cost-effective & are precise according to your needs, you can request a quote or contact us today.

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