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CNC Brass Machining

Professional CNC Brass Machining Services

MDA specializes in CNC Brass Machining and we can produce complex brass parts according to customer specifications. Our brass machining capabilities ensure you experience the best result of product manufacture by employing the latest CNC brass machining technology and proven expertise. Whether you need one piece of prototype or mass production with quantities in tens of thousands, and promise your parts in high precision and tight tolerance. Trust MDA for precise brass machined parts.

Our CNC Brass Machining Capabilities

We produce custom CNC machined brass parts.

Precision Machining

Precision Machining

With our precision manufacturing of brass parts, we are capable of producing variety of shapes and sizes with accuracy and tighter tolerance.

Efficient Prototyping and Production

Efficient Prototyping and Production

Our CNC Brass machining excels in both prototyping and large-scale production, providing precise prototype manufacturing for testing, and cost-effective production of components in bulk.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We have ample of machines available and can take your project from engineering design to delivery faster than our competitors.

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Properties of Brass

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, combines durability with malleability, making it ideal for diverse applications. Notable for corrosion resistance, attractive aesthetics, and excellent machinability, brass is a versatile material prized for its balance of strength and workability. Check the properties of brass:

  • Brass has excellent malleability.
  • Brass is a good conductor of heat.
  • It has a low melting point.
  • Brass is anti-corrosive.

Versatile Applications of CNC Brass Machining

CNC Brass machining, which involves using CNC machines to shape and cut brass materials, offers a wide range of versatile applications due to the unique properties of brass. It possesses characteristics such as high machinability, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and more. Here are some versatile applications of CNC brass machining:

  • Automotive Components
  • Electronic Components
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Electrical and Electronics

Varieties of Brass Material Grades used by MDA

There are several different brass alloys. We, at MDA, use the following brass material grades:

Alloy 353: Due to the outstanding machinability of alloy 353, also known as clock brass. We use this alloy to manufacture accurate components, including parts for clocks and watches.

Alloy 330: It is an excellent choice for applications in which it is necessary to have a high level of machinability. It is suitable for cold working and is therefore widely used in the production of pipes.

Alloy 260: It is also referred to as cartridge brass. Alloy 260 has good hot formability and can be cold-worked easily. It is used in autos, ammunition, hardware, and fasteners, among other things.

Alloy 464: It is known as naval brass because it is regularly used in marine environments. It has an extremely high corrosion resistance, and good strength.

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    CNC Brass Machining Components


    Expertly Trained CNC Brass Machining Partner

    MDA stands as the ideal choice for CNC brass machining with its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology. Boasting a team of skilled professionals, MDA ensures precision in every aspect of brass component production.

    Our proficiency extends across a spectrum of brass material grades, meeting diverse industry needs. MDA's state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities, paired with expertise in alloys like CZ108, CZ112, and CZ121, guarantee the highest quality output for applications ranging from automotive to aerospace. With a dedication to innovation and quality assurance, MDA emerges as the go-to partner for reliable, efficient, and expertly executed CNC brass machining projects.

    Diverse Capabilities Skilled
    Professional Team

    We boast a team of skilled professionals, ensuring that machining projects are executed with expertise & attention to detail.

    Quality Assurance Quality

    MDA prioritizes quality assurance throughout the CNC brass machining process, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality, reliable components

    Timely Delivery Customization and
    Tailored Solutions

    MDA understands the uniqueness of each project and provides customized solutions to meet specific requirements and standards.

    Comprehensive Service Diverse

    MDA demonstrates proficiency in handling projects of varying sizes and complexities, ranging from prototypes to extensive large-scale production runs.