CNC machining as an industry will grow rapidly in future. The growth of CNC machining is fueled by various industries like construction, automotive, aerospace and medical. And the demand for CNC parts is increasing day by day. 

One such industry is the medical industry with the demand for increasing medical components, efficient production is necessary for the medical sector. 

The precise components are necessary for the medical industry, without the proper innovation and progress of medical CNC machining, we would not have the necessary medical devices. And during this pandemic, the need for medical equipment is important more than ever. 

The medical machined parts require precision and cleanliness that can be achieved by CNC machining. 

We at MDA know the unprecedented situation and work while closely monitoring the situation, manufacturing quality machined parts to keep up with the demand. 

“When it comes to machining, the medical industry requires the combination of precision and consistency that is suited for multi-axis CNC machining.”


CNC machining role in manufacturing next-gen medical components 

Medical machined parts are used directly for patient treatment. And these are critical in the medical industry. 

It combines surgical tools, devices, sensors, and implants that need to be constructed with proper care and precision. The medical industry uses tools that don’t have direct contact with the patients. 

The MRI system is one such tool. It requires complex pieces of equipment. It comprises hundreds of individual parts and many of these parts are fabricated with CNC machines. 


Some of the other medical parts include are: 

Part Application
Rotor Blood Gas Analyzer
Stator Blood Gas Analyzer
Alignment screw CT Scanner
Gear plate Laser Eye Keratome
Barrier  CT Scanner
Micro-tip Instrument Cap
Impeller Fluid Flow


MDA manufacturers are efficient to produce medical parts without the need to incur costs associated with medical-related certifications and clean rooms. 

The CNC machining process allows us to reduce the manufacturing costs for the medical machined parts. Healthcare professionals still rely on MRIs, and medical equipment, therefore demanding the highest quality in all the components. 


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How CNC machining will disrupt the future of the medical industry?

CNC machining is nothing new and is apt for the medical industry because it requires equipment to be precise. Here are some more reasons why CNC machining is ideal for the medical industry: 

  • CNC machining can work with many materials
  • Offer more axes for cost-savings
  • Complex designs can be manufactured on a large scale

MDA experts use different tools to manufacture complex shapes with tight tolerances. It is possible with the ability of the equipment and material to rotate on various axes. CNC processes work with several materials like steel that are suited for medical applications. 

CNC machining has enabled several medical innovations to take shape. These innovations rely on precision parts getting manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances to work as required in the medical industry.



Benefits of CNC machining in the medical industry

The health and well-being of patients rely on the components and equipment used in the medical industry. CNC machining proved to be efficient in the medical field, therefore it is not a surprise why they are considered as standard. Here are the benefits: 


#1. CNC machining is ideal for custom medical part requirements

CNC machines are programmed to manufacture exactly what’s required to match the needs of the medical industry. Plus the CNC machine also requires an experienced machinist to operate on it. 

We are perfectly aware that healthcare has different requirements for different equipment and CNC machining services by our experts create devices for different needs. We are capable of producing the parts quickly even during this pandemic situation. Our sophisticated programming method allows us to execute complicated designs. 


#2. Useful for manufacturing medical implants

CNC machining provides great certainty to deliver the final result. Implants and surgical equipment that aren’t manufactured according to the right standard can have consequences. Therefore, implants need to be manufactured under special guidance and with the right machining process i.e. CNC machining. 

CNC wire EDM manufacturing helps to deliver finished medical equipment. It provides inch-perfect accuracy that is necessary for medical parts. 


#3. Broader material suitability

In the medical industry, equipment is exposed to harsh conditions that include chemicals and high temperatures. Therefore, the medical equipment needs to be manufactured with special materials. Almost every CNC machine is capable of working with rigid materials for surgical equipment. It includes stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics.


#4. Maximum production capacity

CNC machining operations efficiently produce medical components in both small and large quantities. It is a great advantage when manufacturing custom parts which is the case of specialized medical appliances, surgical products and prosthetics.  

Choose the right CNC machine shop for medical parts

Crafting parts to the level of precision necessary for medical equipment needs a machine shop that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and committed enough to provide high-quality products. 

From its use in implants and replacement parts to medical devices and laboratory equipment. Plus the machine shop workflow must include using CAD data and customer drawings to build parts exactly to the specifications. 

MDA is an ISO:9001:2015 certified company dedicated to providing high-quality CNC medical machined and custom parts according to customer specifications. We utilize only the best practices to ensure the work we do for our customers is done most efficiently. Call us on tel:18884404435 or mail


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