Choosing a reliable and trusted source for your machining project is very important to a successful outcome.  You should look for a company that has been in business for many years, a company that is financially solid and can support you with any issue that might arise.  A company that is ISO9001 registered, assuring that there are procedures and protocols followed throughout the project.  Did you know that an ISO registered company is audited every year to make sure that they are adhering to these methods?

Today there are many machine shops, but they are all not the same.  Some calibrate their inspection equipment on a regular base, assuring that accurate measurement can be taken.  Some have quality inspectors; those trained to make sure that parts shipped are correct and to the drawing.  Some CNC equipment is more reliable, accurate and cost-effective than others.  Some machine shops toss their parts in boxes not cleaned, while others take the time to clean and package precision machined parts securely.

Obtaining a quote for a CNC machined part has more facets to it.  Proper planning before any order is placed to assure that the Machine Shop in which you choose has the proper procedures in place to give you a quality precision machined part is very important.  Let Machining Design take the stress out of your next Machining Project.  We have been providing quality machined parts on CNC and manual equipment for over 50 years.

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