Electronics CNC Machining

In this fast-paced & competitive electronics industry, components are becoming smaller and more powerful. And these components need to remain lightweight and compact. The CNC industry produces a wide range of machining parts for the electronics industry. Machining Design Associated (MDA), as a reputed CNC Machine shop, offers high tolerances, processing conductive, developing parts at high speed. Machining Design Associated (MDA) has a solution that is not only suited for your needs but also future-proof your business.

At Machining Design Associated (MDA), creativity is our forte in CNC machining components. We develop custom electronics machined parts to meet your requirements.

Effective CNC Machining Services For Electronics Industry

Oil and Gas precision

Electronics Precision CNC Machining

Quality is the main factor in the electronics industry. Machining Design Associated (MDA) machining centres not only pay precision but also low defect rates. Our state of the art CNC machines produces every complex electronics machined part.

CNC Turning and Milling

Milling Services For Electronics Machined Parts

The CNC milling process is suitable for machining materials like metals, plastics. Our CNC milling machines offer a 3 to 5 axis improving productivity and quality.

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Materials We Choose For Electronics CNC Machining



The aluminum material manufacture heat sinks that is used in computer devices. With the help of CNC machines, create materials in every configuration.



Pure nickel has high electrical conductivity used for electronic lead wires, battery components. Nickel has good thermal conductivity. It can use for heat exchangers in corrosive environments.



Copper material offers excellent conductivity. Copper is used in the manufacture of components microprocessors, plugs, sockets, household appliances. In air-conditioners, there is a need for copper tubes. Electrical wiring in the buildings is an important market for copper materials.



Steel is useful in the electronics industry because of corrosion resistance, high durability. The steel is been used to design electrical enclosures that are later used in switches, knobs. It prevents electrical shock to equipment users.



Plastic is invaluable for the electronics industry. The major benefit being lightweight, electrical insulation. Plastics are been used for housings in computers, hairdryers. Plastics offer durability, they don’t get corrode.



The material is been used in the electronics industry because of low conductivity and high strength. The brass is been used to produce brass pins, brass rivets, brass nuts, brass nuts. This material also offers high tensile strength.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for electronics machined parts

Machining Design Certifications And Capabilities

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Machining Design Associated (MDA) is a supplier of precision machining services. And has an excellent customer service team. Our machining capability includes CNC milling, CNC turning like electronics parts. We have served many industries and gained a reputation. Including aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, oil & gas, defence, robotics industry.

Key Highlights of Machining Services For Electronics Industry

We manufacture electronics parts for our clients. Our CNC machines is been designed to deliver machined parts with precision. We keep our clients in the loop during the machining process and keep it transparent. Our advanced CNC machines complete the manufacturing of electronics machined parts.

  • We provide electronics machined parts, irrespective of the size.
  • We have exceptional customer service & deliver the projects.
  • Our machining process is ideal to create machined parts for heavy equipment.
  • CNC machining capacities in the small to a large range



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