Choosing a CNC machine shop is daunting because of the options available in the market. Be it any industry, manufacturing, aerospace, medical and more. These industries need a CNC machine to produce precision machined parts quickly. There are various advantages of having a professional CNC machine shop:

  • It reduces the costs of the overall production.
  • It reduces the stress on the machinists.
  • CNC technology provides improved capabilities.
  • Smoother workflow.
  • And more.

Therefore, selecting a CNC machine shop is the way to move forward, but the whole process is a tiresome task. Don’t worry, at MDA’s CNC machine shop Toronto facility provides high-quality machined parts.

Let’s see the points you need to consider while choosing the CNC machine shop.

One must focus on quality and precision

The first and foremost thing to have in a machine shop is quality. Every second machine shop owner you’ll find will say they produce the best-machined parts.

Go with machine shop owners that give complete importance to precision on their official website.

Check if they share why precision is necessary for CNC machined parts and preach what they say? Another thing to note is if the machine shop is responsible enough to provide quality work. Do they have an experienced team at their disposal? If not, it’s better to stay clear of that machine shop.


Check the previous work samples

In continuation, machine shop owners who are excellent at their work are ready to show their work samples.

They won’t hesitate to let you inspect their prototypes. It is best for customer satisfaction as they can get a sneak peek of the previous sample work. Ask for the samples according to your industry to get a clear picture of the workflow.

Previous samples confirm that a machine shop has ample experience with materials for most industries.


Presence of the latest equipment

No one will like to trust a machine shop that offers outdated tools. When looking for quality machined equipment, you need to have a machine shop capable of handling the much-needed precision.

Do check about the equipment and also the company that manufactures these parts. Choose a brand name having years of experience and reputation in the market.

If possible, check the age of the machine shop equipment. They might have durable equipment, but CNC machining changes over time.

And the older machinery proves to be problematic. Therefore, it is better and advisable to only go with the latest equipment.


The machine shop can produce complex parts

Most industries require complex parts, and production is only possible via CNC machining.

You need to ensure that the machine shop has previously produced complex parts and is willing to manufacture the parts in less time while maintaining precision.

Can the CNC machine shop do this all? If yes, you can go with them. Ensure the company culture, if their goals align with yours.

Machine shops like this can handle your future needs and put the client’s priorities high on their list.


ISO certification is necessary

ISO certification is necessary for the manufacturing industry. The machinist and the customer know the importance of it. The certification goes a long way to show how a company operates and handles its projects.

Going with an ISO certified company means:

  • Quality management is their priority.
  • Traceability for materials and processes.
  • Lower risk.
  • Better customer service.

Next time you need a newly machined part, MDA can provide you exceptional results you won’t get anywhere else.


Communication skills

There are a lot of factors that can have an impact when choosing a CNC machine shop, and one of them is communication skills.

First, meet with the machine shop and tell them your machined parts requirements. Every shop has a specific niche, and therefore it’s necessary to assess them before moving forward with the project.

Check the communication level by asking for samples or production videos of the previous work. A professional CNC machine shop knows the importance of communication and will solve all your doubts regarding their manufacturing process.


Experience in multiple industries

The more experience a machine shop has in various industries, they can meet the customer demands.

The machine shop will be more proactive in knowing and fixing the issues before they give any problem to the customer.

With their experience, they will have a large client base. They have been in need to produce large quantities of the machined parts in less time. When a professional machine shop comes and helps you achieve the project.


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MDA: The Right CNC Machine Shop in Toronto

If you have machining needs, then choose MDA. We have everything you require in a machine shop, from the materials you need, on-time delivery and get high-quality machined parts.

We keep our customers in the loop to know their requirements and ensure we complete them. Don’t waste your time in search of a great machine shop. Check out our precision CNC services. For more information or to get a quote, contact us at MDA today.

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