Every time you do any routine task like driving or using electronic or medical appliances you are looking at the prime example of metal fabrication services.

The metal fabrication market is necessary for plenty of industries such as Aerospace, Construction, Energy, Mining, Ship Building and more. These industries require machining parts of various shapes and sizes that are possible via using certain materials.

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Qualities to look for in fabrication materials

Metal fabrication means making the product from scratch using raw materials. The material can depend on the type of product you require. Machine shop experts can fabricate multiple parts from different materials.

Here are some qualities to check before metal fabrication materials:

  • The material for metal fabrication needs to be durable.
  • The material needs to be cost-effective.
  • The finish of the product you can achieve.
  • The material should suit loose or tight tolerances.

A material can have an impact on the finished product. Choosing the right material takes research and knowing the right material is the first and foremost step. As it’s impossible to recommend any type of fabrication material. This article will explain the most common materials that are necessary for metal fabrication.

Common materials that are used in metal fabrication



Steel is the most widely used material used for metal fabrication. It’s known for its polished steel alloy silver mirror coating that is helpful during the manufacturing of machined parts.

The chromium present in steel helps the metal to have an amazing resistance against corrosion. The strength factor presented by steel makes it an ideal choice for surgical instruments. Steel is common for machine shops because it’s easier to work with.

Steel can bend easily, making it easier for welding and manufacturing CNC machined parts. There are various versatile options present in the steel. One of them is carbon steel, which has a high carbon content with a lower melting point. It helps to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions making it ideal for CNC steel machining.

Industrial uses of steel

The industrial applications of steel as a material used in metal fabrication are as follows:

  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Domestic applications
  • Electrical equipment

Pros of steel material for metal fabrication

  • Durability & quality
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Recyclability




Aluminum is mostly used for metal fabrication because it’s lightweight, which is necessary for industries that need lightweight machined parts. The aluminum parts are in demand in machine shops as they can be machined in a shorter time.

Aluminum, often used for various applications ranging from window frames to aircraft wing components, showcases the material’s versatility. CNC aluminum machining plays a crucial role in shaping this adaptable material for specific needs. It works well for workplace structures and is a popular alternative to steel. It’s rust-free and has strong thermal and electrical conductive properties. Finally, aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and versatile material with thermal properties.

Industrial uses of aluminum

The industrial applications of aluminum as a material used in metal fabrication as follows:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Power lines
  • Household and industrial appliances
  • Aircraft components
  • Window frames

Pros of aluminum material for metal fabrication

  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Non-magnetic
  • Thermal efficiency


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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the most common material used by metal shops and is the most common in the industry. Carbon steel is the most versatile material, with applications ranging from construction to machinery.

This material is popular among fabricators because it is simple to work with and can be finished in a variety of ways. Carbon steel presents strength and works in harsh environments making it ideal for metal machining services. This steel has a lower melting point due to the higher carbon content. It’s also more resistant to bending and more malleable.

Industrial uses of carbon steel

The industrial applications of carbon steel as a material used in metal fabrication as follows:

  • Oil industry
  • Gas industry
  • Petrochemical sector

Pros of carbon steel material for metal fabrication

  • Efficiently Malleable
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to fabricate
  • Cost-effective




Copper is a common material in metal fabrication for applications that require a high level of conductivity. Copper is corrosion resistant therefore being used in building components in the construction industry. Copper responds well to bending and can produce lovely results. Heating and cooling systems, transformers, switches, and telecommunications systems all use copper wiring because of the amazing conductivity offered by copper. Additionally, CNC copper machining enhances the precision and customization of copper components in various applications.

Industrial uses of copper

  • Electrical industry
  • Construction industry
  • Transport industry
  • Medical sector

Pros of copper material for metal fabrication

  • High electrical conductivity
  • Antibacterial properties making it ideal for fabrication
  • Ductile, soft, and malleable
  • Resistance to corrosion

How to choose the right metal fabrication company?

Choosing the right fabrication company increases the probability of getting quality materials. Without the proper guidance of the fabrication company, you face design and quality issues. You should hire a machine metal shop that possesses the following qualifications:

  • A team of engineers with years of experience who are eager to work with you and answer your questions.
  • Materials of the highest quality are available.
  • The company must offer prototypes, fabrication systems, and CNC machining.
  • An understanding of lean manufacturing practices and a focus on low-cost fabrication solutions.
  • A broad range of fabrication projects.
  • Assembly, short-run manufacturing, and shipping are all available services.
  • Customized solutions tailored to your specific product and objectives.

A full-service product fabrication company will assist you at every stage of the process by providing you with a comprehensive set of tools, and quality materials.

Why choose MDA for metal fabrication?

MDA uses the highest quality materials for the metal fabrication process. We help our clients to make the right decision by selecting the best materials for their industry. We are here to bring your designs to life.

Our metal shop support the clients from the design process to finishing and assembly. Here are some reasons to choose us:

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