CNC machining is a technology that uses various pre-programmed tools and techniques to produce components from metals or plastic. Custom CNC machining is one of the processes used for sheet metal fabrication and plastic machining to have various machined parts for diverse industries that range from electronics, automotive, appliances, and more.

The materials, methods, and program settings are crucial even though these processes might be partially or fully automated and precision-bound. Once this gets accomplished, you will receive accurate CNC precision machined parts in the required quantities and with the proper dimensions.

We at MDA possess significant expertise in working with clients from various industries. The business can provide precise, quick turnaround custom CNC machining services for high-volume production runs, prototypes, and other projects. This article provides information on the company’s CNC machining capabilities.

Our Machining Capabilities

MDA can produce small, intricate, complex parts in volumes of up to one million pieces with accuracy and precision. The business has provided CNC precision machined parts for various industries, including defence, medical research, electronics, automotive, and more. Here is a summary of what MDA supplies to its customers.

Screw Machining: The business sells screws made of brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. They provide standard and unusual screws in a variety of sizes and shapes. Large production runs of precise, small parts gets produced using screw machining equipment. Single- and multiple-spindle machines with specialized attachments for secondary operations used to accomplish this. As needed, this allows for tight tolerances of up to 0.0002 inches.

CNC Turning and Milling: The company has well-equipped CNC turning centres, precisely manufacture complex parts. CNC milling machines can handle labor-intensive tasks on non-turnable parts. With this, tolerances as small as 0.0002 inches achieved while maintaining consistency. Drilling, tapping, grinding, multi-axis machining, and other capabilities are available.

Metal Fabrication: We use state-of-the-art technology to help clients with metal fabrication. Our experts ensure that your parts gets specially designed for your industry with the highest quality materials.

Post-Production: We can send your metal-machined components for heat treatment, anodizing, black oxide, plating, or any other process you may need. Without, the hassle of finding someone else to do this for you, we can send you a fully finished CNC machined part.

Our Product Gallery

Take a look at our gallery where you can see all the machining parts and components we offer to our customers.

CNC Machine Parts Canada CNC Machine Parts Canada CNC Machine Parts Canada CNC Machine Parts Canada CNC Machine Parts Canada



What can you Expect from MDA?

Every single one of our customers receives a complete solution for any need. They believe in the manufacturing process we use. It includes intricate and precise parts like those used in optical devices, automobiles, medical equipment, and aerospace. Whatever the complexity of your project, we can deliver the results you need.

  • Through our low-volume manufacturing process, we can reduce costs.
  • More rapid time to market (and a higher success rate).
  • Giving all of your products flexible design options.
  • Providing you with a full range of options for building bridges.


We have successfully delivered thousands of projects for various companies. We look forward to hearing about your dream project.


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