Most people are unaware of custom CNC machining because it is associated with the technical field. Machining with computer numerical control is a necessary manufacturing process. This process’s custom CNC Machined parts are critical to ensuring the overall efficiency of your machine. Furthermore, thanks to the precise manufacturing of various parts.

Custom CNC machining produces exact parts that are impossible to produce manually or in any other way. It does not limit CNC Machining; rather, it takes various forms of CNC Machining, such as CNC turning, EDM, and CNC milling, that a specific company provides.

This article will throw some limelight on custom CNC machining, its methods and materials.


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  • Types of custom CNC machining
  • Advantages of custom machining
  • Ideal materials for custom machining
  • Industries requiring custom CNC machining
  • Why work with MDA?


Types of Custom CNC Machining 

In the modern market, some types of CNC machining have been introduced. Let’s look at them one by one.

5-Axis CNC Machining Centers

The part shapes and sizes gets processed with 5-axis machining are virtually limitless. The term “5-axis” refers to the number of possible directions in which the cutting tool can move in all positions. To reach the workpiece from all sides, all cutting tools on a 5-axis machining centre move across the X, Z, and Y axes as well as linear axes and rotate on axes A and axis B. To put it another way, you can process five sides of a given part in a single setup to create custom CNC Machined parts.



In turning, a stationary tool trims away the excess material from the rotating workpiece. The piece which holds the workpiece and rotates is known as the lathe. The benefit of using turning is that it is ideal for high-volume situations where many parts or pieces are required.


Metal machining 

It is a well-known type of manufacturing process used to create metal parts, machinery, or tools. It entails a variety of processes to ensure and obtain the desired design of the final product in terms of hole diameter, finishing, shape, size, and texture. Additional materials used in the machining process are determined by the following: Rubber, plastics, and paper products.


Prototype plastic machining 

3D printing is coming form of acquiring plastic parts, it might not apply when you need non-printable parts. Prototype plastic machining entails creating precise parts from raw plastic material while taking factors such as pre-heat and tool paths into account. This type of machining is ideal for producing small parts that cannot be produced using any other method.


Advantages of Custom Machining

CNC machining has numerous advantages, and no industry is immune to them. You get what you want with CNC machining advantages because there is no variation in the exact sample. Here we will highlight some notable benefits that you should be aware of.

High Precision and High-Quality Parts

CNC machining always enables the development of demanding applications in all industries. Even with small diameters and unique features on a specific part, CNC production’s high precision power allows you to get precisely and exactly what you need. Furthermore, the production machine allows for the repeated production of similar and exact parts, unless the last piece you order is defective.


Timely Production

Custom CNC Machined Parts get used in removing blocks of raw materials until you achieve the desired shape. A computer manages the production of Machined Parts and ensures that the speed is within a predetermined limit.

Given that, the machine has been modified to follow specific procedures. It is difficult to make mistakes that could result in the process getting repeated. Furthermore, a company that provides CNC machining services gets done by CNC engineers with experience in producing parts.



When a product is well-designed, it is unlikely to be found in multiple stores. It is expensive if you find it in a rare store. Using custom machining services, you can eliminate the possibility of spending more money than necessary while still receiving a high-quality product.


Ideal Materials for Custom Machining



Aluminum is a popular metal because of its low cost and lightweight. It is strong, malleable, nonmagnetic, and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum gains significantly more strength when combined with other elements such as copper, lithium, magnesium, silicon, and zinc to form an alloy.

CNC machines can produce custom aluminum prototypes in various ways, including laser cutting aluminum, which is fast, efficient, and time-saving, and aluminum milling, which offers high precision.



Using CNC equipment, metal machining services get used for prototyping and mass production. CNC multi-axis lathes, milling machining centres, and EDM wire-cutting machines are examples of metal machining CNC machining equipment.

A CNC milling machine is ideal for producing a high-quality finish and gets frequently used for milling metals such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and titanium. Turning and milling gets used to machine various steel alloys such as bronze, copper, aluminum, and brass.



The machinability of steel depends on alloying elements as well as heat treatment and manufacturing processes. Steel alloys are heat resistant and have good plasticity and toughness, combined with high tensile strength. Steel bending is the process of reshaping sheet metal from a flat form using CNC bending, also known as CNC forming. Steel milling is common through feed and speed will vary depending on factors such as steel grade, depth and width of a cut, and tool material.


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Industries Requiring Custom CNC Machining

The CNC Machining tools are used in various industries, ranging from high-tech medical devices to everyday transportation. Even some companies within the same industry can find versatile applications for CNC machining in their fields. Here is a list of some industries which highly rely on CNC machining:

  • Medical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Marine industry


Why Work with MDA?

“If you imagine a design, we will build it,” says MDA. With our full range of metal fabrication services, we are always here to provide you with the durability and precision you require for your bulk material or mass production & end-use products.

Our CNC machining shop expertise follows your design through mass production and carefully evaluates the mass-produced items as CNC machined. Before being shipped to a trusted and reliable carrier, our surface Finish & surface treatments products get tested for function, integrity, and quality.


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