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Pricing Models

Our pricing model is flexibly designed to give you the most possible advantages of a continuing partnership.

At Machining Design Associated, we get you precision CNC parts custom-made to your exact designs, at reasonable prices.

Our price quotes depend on the following elements:

  • Setup & Programming Costs
  • Raw Material Costs
  • Machining Costs
  • Post Machining Costs
  • Non-recurring Expenses

Our pricing model is as simple as it gets. You need not give us all the details at once. We can quote your part from CAD files, a PDF drawing, from a sample, or even a conceptual idea. But, do check out the sample products to get a general idea of what we design at Machining Design Associated.

We love challenges. So, do approach us if you have any complex part in mind and we’ll build it for you. Spec by spec, micrometer by micrometer precision, guaranteed.

  Our quotes are good for 30 days depending on material pricing.

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What You Can Expect


On-Time Delivery



Superior Quality Parts



Value for Money



Quick Quotes, Competitive Prices



Non Disclosure Agreement



Transparent Process



Design Assistance



Precision, as required


Safe Launch Production


Online Instant Quotation of Machined Parts

If you would like to get quotes for any of our services, all you need to do is drop us a line. We’ll get you quotes, fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is a specially machined part more expensive than a standard bolt that I would find in a hardware store?
The setup cost is one of the factors that add to costs when producing just a few pieces. Parts in hardware stores as well as standard metal parts, such as bolts, are usually produced by the hundreds of thousands or into the millions. Some parts are even produced using special equipment specifically made for them or other high yield equipment such as cold heading machines.

Q. Do I pay for setup on reorders?
We do not have additional set-up costs for the majority of reorders; however, special tooling costs might be charged, if used.