The machining industry is evolving rapidly with the market needs. Industries need complex and precise parts, which means an increase in the demand for CNC machines. New machine technologies are born while solving the needs of the industries, such as 5 axis technologies.

Whether you are new to 5 axis machining or have experience with it. The article will solve any complexity around 5 axis CNC machining and why five-axis machining is the ideal choice for industries.

We will cover:

  • What is 5 axis CNC machining?
  • When does your machine shop need a 5 axis machine tool?
  • Things to consider in a 5 axis CNC machining tool
  • Why use 5 axis CNC machines?
  • Selecting the Best 5 axis CNC Machining Company

What is 5 axis CNC Machining?

5 axis CNC machining uses a CNC machining center to sync the part in 5 different axes to create the machined parts. The 5 axis help the machine parts in three different axes X, Y and Z and the other two rotating axes.

It is the reason why 5 axis machining is ideal for various industries. And here are the different versions of 5 axis CNC machines:

3+2 axis versions

In the 3+2, any of the 3 axis gets controlled, and the remaining 2-axis positions the piece.

4+1 axis versions

For the 4+1 axis versions, any of the 4 axis gets simultaneously controlled while the remaining 1 axis gets used for positioning.

Full 5 axis versions

There are full 5 axis versions where all the 3 axis and 2 axis get simultaneously controlled. In this version, the axes get configured in three linear axes and two rotational axes.

When does your Machine Shop Need a 5 axis Machine Tool?

Because of their flexibility and adaptability, 5 axis machines are best for machining operations across various industries for specific machining needs.

  • When you are looking out for more flexible engineering solutions.
  • When high volume-low mix production is required.
  • When cutting, drilling, or tapping operations on all five faces with specific angles are required.
  • When You Want to Improve Your Part’s Quality and Accuracy.

Things to consider in a 5 axis CNC machining tool

Here are the things you need to look at before considering a 5 axis CNC machining tool.


The application is one of the most important factors when purchasing a 5 axis machine. For example, one must understand the machine’s cutting speeds and spindle type. The desired surface quality and accuracy will also influence the purchasing decision or the type of machine purchased. It is ideal to consider the machine’s construction for a high degree of tolerance and durability.

High Power

A 5 axis machine’s work requires a high tolerance. The machine requires a rigid spindle and tool holder that eliminates vibrations to achieve high-accuracy machining. To remove vibrations ensure the tool holder system employs either BBT or HSK. Furthermore, the machine’s connection between the spindle and the tool holder should be excellent.

Collision Avoidance

When purchasing a 5 axis CNC machine, look for one that includes collision avoidance systems, as crashes can be extremely costly. Because the 5 axis increases the likelihood of a collision, purchasing a machine without a collision-avoidance system will cost the consumer both damaged parts and lost time.

Why use 5 axis CNC machines?

Your CNC machine tool can work on complex contour surfaces with simultaneous 5 axis machining that is difficult, if not impossible, to produce with machine tools. Machining around all five sides of a part in a single setup allows you to perform operations on all five sides in a single setup, saving you time, re-clamping, and effort.

Here are some advantages of 5 axis machining.

Minimal Machine Setup

You can significantly reduce preparation time and increase human and machine efficiency by using a single set-up process (also known as “Done-in-One”). It also reduces the number of human and machine errors that occur while working on multiple set-ups for each machining stage. The clamping equipment used to position the part in the machine saves time and money, and reduces potential errors.

Management of Complex Designs

Complex shapes and designs can get handled with 5 axis machining. Hydraulic system components, water pump housing, gearbox housing, gear wheels, injection moulds, oil and gas equipment, medical or blood transfusion equipment, and other items may fall into this category.

Significant Time Savings

Given the rising costs of manpower, a lack of trained manpower, and the need to increase factory productivity, it is becoming increasingly important to examine operation and manpower costs. Because such machine tools have all-in-one settings, operators do not have to re-clamp and move the parts to other machines for the next operation. Instead, they can concentrate on managing more machines, increasing their productivity.

Shorter Cutting Tools

Shorter cutting tools are tough to work with, especially on more general CNC machines. Fortunately, because these tools can get fitted to 5 axis machines, we can fully utilize the power of better tooling angles, faster cutting speeds, and precision parts. You can have the head oriented toward the job and the cutter oriented toward the surface. The load on the cutter gets reduced as the machine holds the tool well, resulting in fewer unfortunate breakages and vibrations.


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Selecting the Best 5 Axis CNC Machining Company

CNC machining can help all industries, including aerospace, defence, marine, and medical, find high-quality products quickly. It may also lower the overall cost of obtaining these products.

Now that you understand the advantages of 5 Axis CNC machining and the applications for which this technology is appropriate, the only thing left to find is a company that provides these services. You can look for a one-stop shop for all your machining needs, and MDA is one of the leading players. MDA’s CNC programmers have years of experience and hands-on knowledge of the technology to provide high-quality 5 Axis CNC machining services.

The company is well-known for its precision and accuracy in delivering products using cutting-edge technology. The company can machine parts with any angle and complexity, regardless of industry. Furthermore, it can provide custom finishes for machined parts.