Right now, coronavirus is affecting almost everyone, on every scale. The medical industry is under a lot of pressure and this has led to an increase in the production of medical CNC machined parts. Lots of lives are dependent on the medical industry and to keep them working 24×7, they need high-quality machined parts for the medical equipment. Producing CNC machined parts for medical equipment need accuracy.

We at Machining Design Associated know the value of human life and how difficult it can be for a doctor if they don’t have the proper equipment.

How our CNC machined parts are helpful in the medical industry?


Ideal for surgical equipment

Surgery needs precise medical equipment, and the surgical process is all about attention to detail, a simple miss here and there can lead to complications. CNC machined parts provide the needed precision in surgical medical instruments. The machined parts are also used in devices for cardiac ailments, like pacemakers. The 5-axis machined parts can be used in orthopedic surgery that is a minimally invasive surgery. We know the recent demands of the medical industry and able to create custom machined parts too.

“We at MDA are looking to provide the healthcare frontline workers with the precision machined parts. Our machinists work round the clock to produce medical machined parts.”

CNC machined parts for the laboratory

In a laboratory, it needs accuracy and our machine experts at MDA know this and produce the medical machined equipment accordingly. And the lab technicians can also rely on us for all kinds of devices and medical parts that include equipment used for DNA analysis.

Machined parts for radiology equipment parts

For radiology, the medical team has to rely on manufactured equipment that makes the medical process easier. In cases of fractures, there is equipment that is used during real-time, so the components need to work constantly. The machines need to be durable as they are moved from one place to another. Special radiology instruments that require precision which is guaranteed by MDA.

Our machine experts are able to produce these parts according to the need of the specifications of the medical industry.

Materials We Work With

At MDA, we work with the following materials:

Stainless Steel: This is used extensively in the medical industry. Stainless steel tops the list because of the hygiene benefits. They have corrosion resistance and also durability which is required in the medical industry.

Titanium: Titanium is useful for building implants because it’s biocompatible. The material also possesses important properties like elasticity, strength, corrosion resistance, flexibility, etc. And we provide CNC machining for medical-grade titanium alloys.

Plastics: There are various types of plastics that are used in the medical industry. The plastic polymers are easier to process and are robust. Plastic parts are affordable and there is less friction while using them.

Highlights of MDA CNC Machining Services for Medical Industry

● Machine Design Association Limited can manufacture complex medical machine parts with ease. Manufacturing these machined parts needs high precision and sophisticated machining to create high-tolerances, needed to produce these parts.

● We, at MDA, keep these things in mind and our knowledgeable machinists are proficient at delivering quality components that meet the expectations of our clients.

● We have manufactured a wide array of medical components for all surgical instruments and other medical parts that require highly skilled operators and quality machines.

● Our trained professionals keep transparency during the entire process; we also have a dedicated support team that communicates with the client from start to finish.


You can contact us for more details about our CNC machining services for the medical industry. Alternatively, you can request a quote for medical CNC machining.


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